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Who we are - The Britannia Health Products story

Twenty-two years promoting health

Britannia Health Products was established twenty-two years ago as the health products division of the Forum Group. Britannia Health was asked initially to create a new market for a then little-known supplement called ’evening primrose oil’ (with the brand name of "Efamol". )

The health products industry in the UK was in its infancy in the early 1980s and the benefits of products like evening primrose oil were not widely known. Throughout the eighties and nineties, Britannia Health developed new product ranges, developing both scientific and commercial expertise and valuable contacts in the health products and foods industries.

The Britannia Health vision
Britannia Health today builds on this tradition by selecting and developing product ranges which concentrate on the benefits of high-quality health products which are:-

As part of the Forum Bioscience Group, Britannia Health Products enjoys relationships with businesses and experts across academia and industry involved in the human life cycle chain. We value highly our relationships with our customers and business partners and aim to not just provide excellent products, but excellent service as well.

Britannia Health provides Forum Bioscience with commercial, scientific and technical expertise for not just foods and supplements but cosmetics, alternative remedies, and medicines. Britannia Health is the retail, consumer marketing, mail order, online and ’business to consumer’ arm of the Forum Bioscience Group.

We participate in a variety of projects which examine and develop food in interesting and optimal ways. (Visit us at the Cheltenham Festival of Science and the BBC Good Food Show annually.

We are available to consult and lecture on a variety of health and food-related topics in the UK and abroad. 

Please see our short feature and its importance on longevity and good health.

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